Beat the Lotus map: Use Smokes on the Map

Beat the Lotus map: Use Smokes on the Map

They have to find a new way to beat the Lotus map in Valorant because of the way it is shaped. You need to plan ahead to get the most out of its many new features, like silent drops and doors that can turn. For controllers like Omen, Astra, or Brimstone to be better at both attack and defence, they need to know exactly where to put smokes.

Beat the Lotus map: Being aware of how the land is marked

The Lotus map, which is the Valorant map, is different from all the others. Now there are quiet drops, doors that can turn, and walls that can be broken. If you want to get along in this tough place, you need to know how to smoke. This part will talk about the best places to put smoke for both attackers and defences.

Beat the Lotus map: As part of their plans, the offenders used smoke

Beat the Lotus map: A website that you are in charge of

People on defence can set the pace of the game by being busy on the A site. After the Buy Phase, smoke should put on the A Root area. Enemies in the A lobby can only see through smoke or by using tools. This gives you an edge in the game. You can also surprise your opponents by moving towards the smoke, which will give your team an early kill.

If you want to be safer, you could also smoke off of A Main. If the other side wants to push your smoke, they will have to clear out a lot of space. Because your team can see what’s going on from both A site and A stairs, they can better plan how to get there.

How to Do What You Need to Do to Fix the B Site

Deals happen quickly on the B site because of its small form. Your main job as the boss should be to smoke the T-junction in B Main. This smart placement hides the people holding the C door from view from the B Pillars, so they are safe. If you are the only fighter in B site near B Upper or C Link, you might want to block the view from B Main and C Door to have a better handle on the battle.

The C Site is keep safe with smoke.

Block off the C Lobby at the start of the round to get off to a good start on the C spot. This slows down attackers coming from the C Lobby, so they need to take precautions. However, if you get into trouble and have to run away, you should smoke C Main to hide inside C site from your enemies.

In a smart way, you could use smokes to your advantage.

In Valorant world, which changes all the time, being good at smokes on the Lotus map can make or break a fight. It is important to be able to smoke in order to be successful, whether you are trying to strongly control the game’s pace or protect key areas. Now is the time to pick up your NIAGASLOT controller! Start your trip through Valorant’s Lotus’s hazy battlefield!