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2014 Austrian GP Tech Highlights

Whilst we have not been to the Red Bull Ring for some 11 years, the track is very similar to the likes of the Hungaroring and Silverstone: a mixture of medium/high speed corners with a few heavy braking zones thrown in for good measure. It is therefore a circuit that requires slightly higher downforce levels and good driveability from the power unit due to the multitude of undulations. The track’s gradient, particularly in the traction areas, puts the a lot of lateral acceleration into the tyres which can easily cause them to overheat, hence the importance of a strong power unit. Continue reading

Link: Force India VJM07 render analysis


Here are my first impressions on the render that Force India released today of its 2014 challenger, VJM07, on Richland F1 – http://richlandf1.com/?p=18300.

A full analysis will be up on my blog when the car is officially launched as there will be plenty of images to get my teeth sunk in to. I will only do a full analysis of each car on my blog – nowhere else! I would just like to reiterate how important my blog is compared to the other sites I write for, as without it I would not be where I am today.

Thank you for you continued support and I hope you’re looking forward to things kicking off on here over the next week or so!