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Testing: Bahrain (1) | Tech review

Barring Lotus, the first of two test sessions in Bahrain presented the opportunity for teams to start to delve deeper into their new cars for the upcoming season. Jerez, due to its odd track characteristics, gives teams the chance to shakedown their challengers and put mileage on the next generation of F1 machinery. In Bahrain, however, set-up exploration, race simulation and aerodynamic work start to make their way to the top of the to-do list.

Although we perhaps did not see a huge amount of updates externally, there were a few notable changes to some of the cars and I am sure that many items were addressed to internally post-Jerez.


The C33 was perhaps a little simplistic at the first test therefore it was no surprise to see some a host of additional bodywork make its way onto the car.

c33 pod vaneAs seen in the launch images before testing began, Sauber installed the vertical sidepod airflow conditioner and horizontal vane for the Bahrain test. It is interesting to note the angle at which the conditioner lies relative to the floor – it is very aggressive. Continue reading

Link: Sauber C33 analysis

C33 side


Once again, I’ve done a little analysis of Sauber’s latest creation, here.

Due to the seriously heavy workload  (coupled with schoolwork) I’ve been experiencing of late, I will only be doing extensive analysis of the top teams’ cars. Having already done McLaren and Ferrari, expect to see Mercedes, Red Bull and Lotus as the remaining three main features to appear on my blog.

I will definitely be doing the remaining cars, although they shall be posted up on Richland F1. Having not done all the cars last year, it isn’t exactly a loss of content on this blog so I hope you understand this!

If it helps I will leave a link to all of the analysis’ on Richland F1 on here.