Announcements 8…

Why do I bother numbering my announcements? Anyway…

Quick update on what’s happening on theWPTformula blog for what hopes to be an exciting year of motorsport, particularly F1. Alongside my studies I am pleased to say that I’m currently writing for Motorsport Week and with that I will sometimes feature in their partner eMagazine, Motorsport Monday. In fact, you can already find something of mine in this week’s issue, here. It’s a triple-page guide to the 2017 regulations (preview below) and it’s free to read.


Short story time: For those of you who have followed this blog from the start you may recall that I wrote for a website called Richland F1 a few years ago. We had a great little team of people and you might recognise their names in other publications now – Jack Leslie, Dan Paddock, Trent Price, Andy Young, Alex Goldshmidt, Rosie Baillie. It was founded by Luke Smith, who is now a journalist for NBC. Luke was at university at the time and unfortunately his studies eventually intervened to the point where the site had to close. I have only met them all once in 2014, I think, when we went to the Marylebone Sports Bar & Grill for a little F1 auction event or something hosted by David Croft(?), and I met Alex at Autosport International the same year. We were churning out piece after piece every week (I was writing much more content then than I am now) in the hope that one day we would make a ‘big-time break’ of some sort. And we did this simply because we loved motorsport – Richland never made a proper income. It might have had AdSense at one stage but that little amount of money was (fairly) going to the main contributors. So we all went our separate ways but we stayed in touch, sometimes promising to meet again only for plans to fall through. As far as I’m aware, Jack does a lot of work for Car Throttle, Andy and Dan were doing social media bits for C4F1, Trent is with E-Racing Magazine… They’re all freelance so look out for them in publications such as Autosport and Raconteur features in The Times. Of course, I was never close to any of these people purely because I never spent much time with them, and that’s mostly the reason why I haven’t seen them again. But I have huge respect for them because the motorsport world is a tough one to crack in to and yet they are all slowly chipping away at it.

And now, at Motorsport Week, I have been reunited with some of the Richland team; and there’s no other way of explaining it except that it’s quite heartwarming in the sense that we have all kept going up the journalism ladder, if you like. I am in the fortunate position where I can say that journalism is not the career path I want to go down yet I can still earn a few quid on the side to fund my engineering degree (and terrible spending habits). I like doing it, but I don’t surround myself in it. For the people above, journalism is what they do to earn a living and they are all very good at it. So, despite the fact that I don’t churn out as many tech articles as I used to, it still remains a pleasure to write them and be published alongside these other names. Not because they are big-shot names in the business, and I am sure one day some of them will be, but because I admire their relentlessness and consistency.

Not really sure how to end this other than asking for you to check out and enjoy what we produce! I’ll try to post on here too but third year is proving to be very time consuming. I practically gave my soul to a wind turbine gearbox design project last term and I expect more of the same this year too.

Oh, and I’ve got another year after that. And I’m enjoying every bit of it.



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