Video: Are the 2017 rule changes really that good afterall?

It’s been a while (exams have got in the way), but I’ve finally managed to put some new content together! In the following video I discuss why the 2017 regulation changes may not be as good as we first thought.

This is only my second proper video so I’m really keen for your thoughts on whether I should do more (or not), or any topics you might what to know about in the future. Please let me know in the comments on this post, or on YouTube or tweet me!

6 thoughts on “Video: Are the 2017 rule changes really that good afterall?

  1. ALee in Birmingham

    Good quick cover of the new changes.

    However, it was rather difficult to see the birds-eye view comparison image, and therefore the details you were pointing out.
    Perhaps you could record your screen, as you move your mouse and talk about it.

      1. ALee in Birmingham

        It’s no problem.
        It’s good to see you give to the F1 fan community, so you deserve any help you get.

        Followed your work since your collab with Mr. Somerfield. Good stuff.
        Keep it up! (except for important study time)

  2. Piers

    Well done – a fascinating insight into the future.
    You touch upon the appearance of the car – do you think that this is something the governing body gives much thought to in making F1 more ‘attractive’ to its potential audience and thus its revenue?

    1. thewptformula Post author

      Thank you!

      The group in charge of the new regulations were specifically tasked with creating an attractive-looking car that goes faster than what we have currently. The FIA’s intention was to generate excitement amongst the existing fans and to draw in new ones with more aggressive angles, wider track etc., although this isn’t looking as promising as the original proposals.


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