Announcements 3…

OK, so I managed to break my laptop – don’t mix water and electronics together. If you do not follow me on social media then here’s what has happened: I am currently using my parent’s computer for this weekend but I should have a replacement laptop soon. All my documents and drawings are backed up so if I need to retrieve something from a previous post that isn’t a problem.

Sorry for the lack of activity, but to those who asked questions via Facebook and Twitter: I haven’t forgotten you and they will be answered!

Update 9/9/2014: I have a new laptop! I miss Windows 7, but what can you do? Regarding the questions that will be answered, stay tuned this week…

I also managed to fall off my mountain bike a couple of days ago and had to go to a Welsh A&E. If you read MBUK magazine then please read the following (if not skip to the next paragraph): I have sent an image of my injuries as a contestant for the That’s Gotta Hurt competition. If it wins then you’ll know! It hurt…

As is the case for every Friday of a Grand Prix weekend I have taken a look at the FP2 laptimes and compiled a pecking order for the remainder of the weekend on Richland F1. You can find out why Williams are looking very good for the race on Sunday, here.

Finally, for my 18th birthday last year I received a single seater driving experience at Silverstone. My family told me to go in August when it would be sunny. And guess what? It rained. It rained so badly that I have had to rebook it for a date in November – almost a year after I got it! Below is a picture of me in the car before we headed out behind a pace car for a few tentative laps. They called us in because the rain got worse and the track just looked like ice. Can’t wait to go back!


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