Hello readers,

I have a few announcements I would like to make heading into the summer! Firstly I have a new Facebook page so could you please give it a ‘like’ if you can as I would thoroughly appreciate it –

Secondly, I will be attending the Bloodhound SSC cockpit unveil on June 13, so I’ll be getting lots of photos and analysing them for you. This will include the whole car and the factory as a whole. And who knows, I may even be allowed to sit in it… Maybe not.

Thirdly, I am very pleased to announce that I will be covering the Formula E test on July 3 at Donington Park courtesy of Richland F1/Rumble Strip News, so I’ll hopefully grab a driver or two to talk about how the new cars feel to drive, downforce levels, tyres etc. Plus I’m even bringing a camera to take lovely shots of tech bits and pieces. You can catch all the coverage on Rumble Strip News and on this very blog.

I may have more news to come but for now it’s only a possibility…

Thank you for continuing to read my blog, because without you I wouldn’t have a hope in going to these events. I can only say that I really appreciate you coming to this website and I hope that it’s useful to you!


1 thought on “Announcements…

  1. Christian

    Congratulations! ( a bit late i know). You are doing a great job and best of luck with the university.


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