AUTOSPORT International 2014 Highlights

AUTOSPORT International is an incredible event for every motosport enthusiast, young and old. Every year, thousands of motosport fans make their way to the NEC in Birmingham for a chance to get up close to the sport’s cars and stars and everything in between. It is a totally unique event and one that was beyond my expectations.

I went for the first time this year, on Sunday 12 January – the last day of the show – and it was incredible. This short video is just a snippet of the vast amount of things to be seen and done at ASI, and I will certainly be going next year.

As I have recently teamed up with Richland F1 for 2014, it was great to meet one of the people who founded the website, Alex. Although it was nice to go to the show as a fan, I hope to be coming back next year with a media pass and meeting up with the rest of the crew!

As I like all the tech stuff, I managed to stuff my camera lense down most of the wonderful collection of F1 cars on display at the show, including the 2013 Marussia and Caterham cars. If I have some spare time I will make a separate video for just the cars.

Enjoy the video!

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