An Update from theWPTformula

Hello viewers,

I have had a great last few weeks on this blog in terms of views and feedback so thank you very much for your support. I reached 189 views in one day on Sunday which is my best intake of views in a single day yet. This month’s views has also eclipsed my debut month in January by at least 200 views which is staggering. I am very greatful of this and I cannot thank you enough.


My target is to keep posting the best content I can produce and continue to enjoy my small audience. However I received a set-back today in the form of image rights…

As you know, technical analysis involves the use of detailed images taken by the dedicated photographers at the circuit. I have accidently been misusing some images from companies and have duly removed them. However today I have been informed that I must remove all images from this website as every image is owned by a photography company and are willing to sue me if I do not do so.

I will oblige to this as it is not my intention to break the law. This blog was set up for enjoyment and I do not make any money from it. I will therefore be spending the rest of today taking all of the images down. This is a shame and I got very upset when I heard that I had to do this, but if I am in the wrong then I cannot complain about the situation I am in as it is my on doing.

Until image matters have been restored then I will not have any images of the cars available for you to see. I have therefore taken the decision to draw the images instead so the big companies don’t complain.

Thank you for visiting theWPTformula on a regular basis and I hope to be posting some technical insight over the F1 summer break with my own images!

Until the next post, here is an image of my own to keep things looking mildly colourful on this site…


2 thoughts on “An Update from theWPTformula

  1. Morris Dancer

    That’s a shame, as the technical stuff is greatly aided by photos to compare with one another.

    That said, I’m glad that they only asked you to remove the photos and didn’t try and bring any sort of legal action.


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